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Operating a vehicle while intoxicated, possession, dealing, theft? 
If you’ve been charged with one of these or any other criminal offense, O’Brien & Dekker is ready to help you.
We are experienced in representing those facing charges ranging from minor to major offenses. Our expertise includes:

Public intoxication
Minor consumption
Operating while intoxicated
Possession of drugs
Dealing in drugs
Driving while suspended
Driving without a license
Crimes against children
Neglect of a dependent
Theft, fraud, robbery, burglary
Assault, battery
Sexual assault
And more

Make sure you have skilled legal representation. Our attorneys know your rights; can deal with bonds, reports, plea agreements, prosecutors and judges. We make sure evidence was legally obtained. We know the law and how to put together a strong defense. We will work for you.

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A driving-under-the-influence charge can be made if your blood alcohol content measures .08% or higher; if it’s a commercial vehicle, at .04% or higher.

Drug possession penalties depend on the substance and quantity, and they escalate if you are near a school, park, pre-school or youth center.

Criminal arrests and court proceedings are public record.