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As you remain open and honest with us as we work together, we’ll do our best to keep divorce proceedings clear and amicable. We work to maintain your full confidence as we assist you through this difficult time. To schedule a free case evaluation, call us at 765-742-9027 or fill out our contact form under the "Contact Us" tab. 

Filing for divorce is no easy feat. After all, you need to agree on which assets to split, who will maintain custody of your children if you have any, and if spousal support is required. You need someone on your side who understands family law and who can fight to achieve the best outcome possible for you.

As you work with our family law attorney, you’ll discover which course of action to take and which options are truly in your best interest.

We’ll help you with any of the following aspects of divorce and family law:

Child custody and support
Alimony or spousal support
Visitation rights and parenting time
Property division and settlements
Legal separation
Temporary orders

Although Indiana is a no-fault state, we’ll still help you file the appropriate paperwork and take the necessary steps to ensure your divorce goes as smoothly as possible. We’ll meet with you, your spouse, and his or her family law lawyer to determine concerns like who will maintain custody of your children and who will receive which pieces of property.

When you choose to marry someone you love, you hope that you’ll build a life together and that your marriage will go smoothly. Sometimes, though, bumps in the road occur. Disagreements happen and difficult situations arise. Even if you’ve tried to work through these issues, divorce may be the best option for you.

If you need a divorce attorney in Lafayette, IN or the surrounding areas, get in touch with the legal experts at O’Brien & Dekker Attorneys At Law. We’ll assist you with your pending divorce case and do our best to ensure both parties receive a fair outcome.

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