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What Are The Factors For Determining Child Support In Indiana?

In any other order of action the parents of children have a financial obligation to support the child or children. Whether you are the custodial parent, joint custodian or a noncustodial parent, it is important that support be calculated properly. The attorneys at O'Brien & Dekker, Attorneys At Law, make sure that the support amount is fair base on the best interest of the child. There are several factors in determining the amount of child support a noncustodial spouse should pay. These include:

• The financial resources of the custodial parent or financial of the noncustodial parent
• The standard of living that the parties had prior to divorce
• The child’s physical and mental condition
• Who is providing medical insurance for the children
• The amount of time the noncustodial spouse visits with the child
• The amount of overtime or additional income that the noncustodial spouse has access to

The above is just some of the factors that attorneys at O'Brien & Dekker, Attorneys At Law, have litigated in court. Whether you will be the custodial parent or the noncustodial parent it is important to have the experience of the attorneys at O'Brien & Dekker, Attorneys At Law, on your side. Some attorneys merely plug numbers into the child support worksheet and conclude that the support amount is appropriate. It is important to recognize the many different factors that come into play in trying to determine the appropriate support. Often times there will be an upward or downward adjustment to the support amount based on factors that are not reflected in merely plugging income figures into the child support guidelines. The attorneys at O'Brien & Dekker, Attorneys At Law, will work to make sure that the amount is fair and in the best interest of children.