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Make A Will And Plan Your Estate Distribution

Do you want to be kept alive using any means or opt out of excessive care to be kept alive? Do you have family and charities you’d like your money and property to go when you die? Do you have young children who will need to be cared for should you die?

These are among important questions to ponder, then discuss with an attorney. Getting your wishes in writing assures they will be carried out.

O'Brien & Dekker, Attorneys At Law, knows the ins and outs of living wills, bequests, wills and estate law. We can help formalize your wishes, assuring that when you die your property and assets will be distributed as you have decided.

Among Our Successes

  • Estate planning that preserves assets
  • Wills that reflect personal wishes

A Few Facts

Under Indiana law, inheritance tax is assessed on real property in the state.

Life insurance beneficiaries do not have to pay tax on money distributed.